About Us

Cameleon Paint is created by Cameleon Paint is created by Jasmin Walsh and Eugénie Bril, who are the loving owners. With Matteo Arfanotti, Emma Cammack, Yvonne Zonnenberg, Madelyn Greco and Scott Fray as counselors we can ask for any advise, a group of people who cover the world with different cultural backgrounds, who found each other in humor, persistence and the great love for colors, body and face paint and who are all not to bigheaded to listen to each other. Creating a brand, that will make people smile, make people want to paint, brush and airbrush was the goal for Jasmin and Eugenie. Listening is a big issue! To the people who want to use the products, what they are looking for, what they are hoping for to find. We think we created a good and safe line of products for both body painting as wel as face painting. Nobody should be afraid to put a makeup on.
As a company we invite you to snoop around in the Bio of our team, look them up. They are great people, who travel the globe with their skills and talent. Teach and show what they do. Make the world a color full place.
We are a happy team!